5 Ways HERCK Solid Perfume For Men Makes You Memorable

Let’s face it, when a person smells good, people remember them. When your perfume is ingrained in your skin, it becomes part of your personality, the clothes you wear, and it is the impression you leave behind. 

Have you used solid fragrances before? If you haven’t used a solid men’s perfume before, let us introduce you to this great innovation.

The Innovation That is HERCK Men’s Solid Perfume

No one wants to be that guy that sprayed on too much perfume. You can’t rub it off, and you can’t get it out of your clothes. The damage is done, and you are stuck with it. We have all been there or been a victim passing by the bloke that overdid it.

Solid perfume is designed to be rubbed into your skin. It allows for complete potency control and scent distribution. Herck’s is particularly cool because it comes in a variety of travel case options, and many are designed with men in mind. Inside the travel case, you will find your pod of solid perfume that is easily refilled by popping your old pod out and snapping a new one in its place. There are plenty of scents to choose from, and you can easily change things up without having to purchase the entire case again. Money saver.

Easy right?

Now you get the idea; let’s take a look at 5 ways legends are made with HERCK!

1. Made For Pockets Not Handbags

Herck’s solid perfume for men is designed to be thrown into the pocket of your jacket, shorts, jeans or wherever is convenient while you are on the move. HERCK’s travel case is made of stainless steel and designed to survive your active lifestyle. Unlike your keys, it won’t hurt when you sit on them either.

2. Dry Shower Emergency Kit

Friday drinks straight after work. Are you really going home first to scrub up? Nothing worse than meeting someone unexpectedly, and you are on the nose. Sometimes throwing on extra deodorant in the car just doesn’t cut it. HERCK is already in your pocket, and you can top it up at any time and in all the places you need it most.

Men are at high risk of over fragrancing when trying to cover up their natural ‘end of the day smell’. Solid perfume gives you complete control over the strength of your scent. You can dab on small amounts at different points of your body. Winner.

3. Masculine Design That Doubles As a Boredom Breaker

Just like the Zippo Lighter or the Fidget-Spinner, HERCK has customers commenting on the entertainment factor of its design. The stainless steel case feels solid and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. You can occupy yourself with the HERCK case in public without looking like a 9-year-old. What a legend!

4. Be a Man of Impact

Unlike so many products we consume, using HERCK means you are playing your part to conserve the environment and our planet. HERCK is a reusable design, so you never have to throw out your travel case. It is also recyclable. However, to go one step further, you are helping to remove 2kgs of plastic waste from the ocean every time you order from HERCK. Want to see the proof? You can track your impact on the HERCK website.

5. Who Doesn’t Like an Animal Lover

There is nothing sexier than a man that cares about animals and the earth. You can confidently tell anyone who smells you that your scent is vegan and 100% animal cruelty-free. Go on, laugh. You know you will use that line!

Hint: According to dating app Zoosk, vegan men receive 62% more messages than the average profile.

Now, take into consideration the above points. When you are buying HERCK solid perfume for men, you are making a statement and becoming memorable in more ways than one. It isn’t easy making perfume masculine, but we think you will agree HERCK has managed to do just that.

One last thing.

Do You Have a Mate That Stinks?

Did you know that humans instinctually smell things for safety? When we repel from a rancid smell, it is to protect ourselves from eating or breathing in something dangerous. Do your mate a favour. If you think he needs some body odour therapy, you should consider gifting him a HERCK’s Gift Set