Want to Have an Edible Garden? Here’s What to Prepare

One of the most common garden edibles grown in English homes, gardens, and windowsills is a small pot of Basil. A little water each day, small location changes until you find the spot your Basil likes most, and you are off and running. Easy right? There is something very satisfying about growing your own produce, and you don’t need to be a farmer to do it either. You may, however, need a little help with your garden design if you are contemplating exploring the option of making an edible garden.


Preparing the soil and space is probably one of the most critical steps when considering your garden design. Regardless of the size of your space, whether it be window boxes, a patio, or a large garden, you should always start small. Make sure your chosen area gets plenty of sunlight, and you will need healthy soil. It is for this reason that raised beds are often a good choice if you are planting directly into your garden.


There is nothing worse than trying to work out what on earth is sprouting from the soil. You can make your own labels quickly enough by using stones and a permanent marker, or you can create your own if you are feeling more creative. It is a fun activity to do with your children or grandchildren and helps to engage them in the wonderful world of gardening. Also read: 8 Ideas to Attract Bees to your Garden


Mulching the soil is a must when planting herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Mix it into the soil to avoid weeds and to help keep moisture in. Fruit will need some nice moist soil and plenty of sun, so some extra mulch and watering will be required. A great tip is to use planter fabric when planting. The trick is to cut holes in the fabric, lay it down and plant your seeds. Mulch can be placed directly over the top, and this will be a great defender from weeds and maintaining
moisture levels more effectively.


If you are not used to maintaining much of a garden, it is a good idea to keep your edible garden as close to your home as possible. This will ensure you remember it needs your attention, and it will also inspire you when you are planning meals. The more you use your produce, the more motivated you will be to expand your edible garden!

Edible Flowers

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So now you know the basics of how to start growing your own edible garden, there is only one more thing you may want to consider… Edible flowers! There is no better way to dress up your meals, particularly cakes and salads, than using edible flowers from your own garden. Many upmarket eateries are now using edible flowers to garnish dishes of all kinds. Many venues are growing their own flowers as it is far more efficient and cost-effective to do so. Nothing says ‘fresh homegrown produce’ like edible flowers to complement your dishes.

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